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What We Do:

Best Case Roofing is a family owned and operated construction company built on a foundation of integrity and fairness. Business ethics, whether dealing with customers, suppliers, or fellow team members shines through our practices as the utmost priority. Additionally, reliable and timely communication are at the core of every interaction. The Owners and team members of Best Case Roofing are in the business of helping people get the highest quality service, and the most value from each of our customer’s hard-earned dollars. Best Case Roofing is owned and operated by Casey and his father, Dean; they do it because they love
it. They are dedicated to each project and take pride that the customer does not get taken advantage of by others in the industry, by relying on transparency through all processes.

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Our Commitment to you

Best Case Roofing is not a large production builder. We are a small builder whose focus is on quality craftsmanship, functionality and value. We emphasize hands-on management style and personal relationships with clients. Our close relationships within the industry and our flexible size, provide the ability to handle even the largest jobs more timely, and with more attention than others in the field

Conducting Business The Right Way.

The Owners of Best Case Roofing and their team have decades of experience and a proven track record. With over 30 years as a licensed professional claims adjuster, they partner with the homeowner to ensure your claim is not overlooked on the insurance company’s already full desk. They use only proven and reputable subcontractors and material suppliers, and offer the most robust warranties in the industry.

To the professionals

Along with providing outstanding field work, Best Case Roofing also provides detailed estimating, proposals, permitting, and excellent material/subcontractor coordination to guarantee a successful project. We strive to assure our clients real value for their dollar and ensure through continued communication that there won’t be any hidden costs.

Never leaving a customer in the dark, Best Case Roofing guides the customer through every step of the process, from material discussion, timing, to filing the warranties. When repairing storm related damage, the insurance claim process is explained, and expectations are set. We consider all details of a project from the start, preparing the way for a smooth and positive construction experience.

Make your home alive with our team.